Mallory is not your average wildlife conservationist and adventurer. 

Believe it or not, she grew up terrified of the outdoors.

But that all changes the day after her high school graduation. Mallory no longer wanted to live in fear and dove into the natural realm with an open mind and an unquenchable curiosity.  Leaving all she knew, Mallory embarked on a solo journey to find an understanding for the things she grew up fearing. Through research and exposure, she soon realized that it was the lack of understanding that fueled her fears; and thus, developing her passion for traveling the globe to find the truth behind misunderstood species and resolving human-wildlife conflict issues was born.

Having struggled with her own dismays of the outdoors, Mallory now understands the steps it takes to turn fear into fascination.

Mallory is a science communicator, national spokesperson for Bad Boy Mowers, certified wildlife rehabilitator, former zoo director, and a volunteer for the Sierra Club's ICO program that connects inner city students with nature. She has been a guest expert on Fox News Memphis and Good Morning San Diego, Social Media Takeover host for El Paso Zoo's Bolson Tortoise Project, and has presented to over 50,000 schoolchildren.  

Currently, she is traveling the world photographing and filming misunderstood species, researching human-wildlife conflicts, and working with grassroot conservation programs to help save endangered species. 

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