Fear2fascination: Sharks


Myth: Sharks are notorious 'man-eaters.'

Image by Chris Gillette

Image by Chris Gillette

Truth:  Sharks are not the ‘man-eaters’ that are portrayed in Summer Blockbusters; and it is their curiosity that is often mistaken for blood thirst. The health of the world’s oceans depends on these apex predators.  Without sharks, prey animals would overpopulate and wreak havoc on food sources, disease would spread from decaying carcasses, and fisheries would plummet. 


Image by  Chis Gillette

Image by Chis Gillette

  • More people are killed by cows every year than sharks!

  • The US averages just 19 shark attacks each year and one shark-attack fatality every two years. Meanwhile, in the coastal U.S. states alone, lightning strikes and kills more than 37 people each year.

  • You have a 1 in 63 chance of dying from the flu and a 1 in 3,700,000 chance of being killed by a shark during your lifetime. . . .I think your chances of a shark free swim are pretty good.