Merlin ID App

Have you ever followed a tweet tweet to discover the most beautiful bird you have ever seen sitting on a fence post; only to realize that you have no idea what it is? 

So you take a picture and excitedly hurry back home to look through your favorite native species book only to discover that your picture looks like one species? . . but also a lot like this one? . . . And even a juvenile of this species? So frustrating. 

Well fear no more, I introduce to you the Merlin ID app that was put together by Cornell Lab and contains over 2,000 North American and European species of bird. Through a series of simple questions; not only will you be able to identify that fabulous bundle of feathers you saw on your fencepost, but also help scientists and researchers gain a better understanding of populations and ranges!

Video was put together by Ms. Mallory Adventures while on a research trip to Belize with scientist and researcher, Michael Dobbins, and his crew.  Music: Adventures by A Himitsu

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