Ms. Mallory Minute Adventures: San Diego Safari Park's Walkabout Australia

Tree climbing kangaroos. Prehistoric looking birds. And kooks that will crack you up. It's time for a walkabout!

With a back stage media pass to the grand opening of San Diego Safari Park's Walkabout Australia in hand, I was able to beat the crowds and explore the 3.6-acre habitat featuring four biomes containing kangaroos, wallabies, cassowaries, geese and other creatures.

Conservation is  key in this exhibit.  In addition to seeing all the info on the animals and conservation breeding projects (like the Matschie's Tree kangaroo and cassowary), I was excited to see how they have been able to incorporate water conservation education into the exhibit as well. Australia and Socal have similar climates where water is limited and precious.  There are great tips, so be sure to take a look. 

This interactive area is a great learning opportunity for families and a must see for any animal lover!



What is your favorite Australian animal? Let me know in the comments below!



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Until next time this is Ms. Mallory inviting you to Step Outside & Adventure.